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. There are a great many books that encourage businesspeople to take up spirituality.

There are very few books that encourage spiritual people to take up business.

However, business may be where spiritual people are most needed. 

Imagine a “typical” business environment: companies are focused on profits and results, and while they may be quite competent at attaining them, the fullness of their potential to contribute to the world (and be compensated for it!) will remain unlocked without the broad view of a spiritual seeker who is versed in self-reflection and the pursuit of timeless principles.

In a traditional business setting, the ways in which fearfulness and egoism prevent tremendous value from being delivered (and compensated for) will be glaringly apparent to you, and you will find a way to release this value. It may seem ironic that working in an environment so often associated with greed and deceit can yield great good, but if you have been a seeker long, such paradoxes will not perplex you.

Two Birds in a Tree will show you how to use business as a vehicle for spiritual growth, and point out the ways in which business work can have an enormous positive impact on humanity — the kind of impact that you long to have.


  • “focusing on the money” is already not a temptation for you
  • a desire to contribute to people’s lives already motivates you


  • a commitment to ongoing personal development and reflection is already in place for you

…then business, perhaps surprisingly, may be fertile ground for the expression of your gifts, and the realization of your inner aspirations.

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